We follow the Edexcel International IGCSE course. The course code is 4HI1. The link to the website can be found here. 


The Russia course focuses primarily on the end of the Tsar's reign and the introduction of communism. We cover Tsarist rule in Russia (1905-14), opposition to Tsarist rule between 1914-17, the Provisional Government and the Bolshevik Revolution, the consolidation of power and the Civil War and finally the concept of War Communism and the NEP. 


We cover the development of dictatorship in Germany between 1918-45. This covers the establishment of the Weimar Republic and its early problems, the recovery of Germany between 1924-29, the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to January 1933, Nazi Germany 1933-39 and Germany and the occupied territories during the Second World War.  

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We cover the reasons for the Cold War, early developments in the Cold War (1945-49), the Cold War in the 1950s, the crises in Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia before looking at the thaw and move towards Detente between 1963-72. 


This final unit covers an understanding o the conflict in the Middle East since 1917. We focus on the build up of tension in Palestine (1917-46). the creation of Israel and subsequent wars, tension and conflict (1956-73), diplomacy, peace and wider war (1973-83) and finally the attempts to find lasting peace from 1987 up until 2012.