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Below is a selection of great work from our students! We hope that it inspires you to achieve. There is a range of work from creative 3D castles to fantastic A Level essays!

Year 9 World War Two Timelines

Year 9 students were tasked with developing a timeline of key World War Two events. The task asked them to be as creative as they could and as you can see, the results were outstanding! 


Mixing technology and history, this exceptional effort by Kaman outlines the key events of World War Two in such an incredible manner. Built using Minecraft, this is a truly immersive experience and is one of the best pieces of work I've ever received! Fantastic! 


A great infographic that is clear, detailed and well presented. Mia has used her well-developed historical knowledge to select the key events from a range of theatres in the war. Well done!

Click on the WW2 infographic to enlarge it. 

_History Timeline Infographic.png


A clear, well-researched timeline that has been categorised by year. 20 key events selected and a merit awarded for effort. 

Well done! A modern-looking and informative timeline!




A well presented and concise timeline from Jojo, showing the key events of World War Two. 

Click on the link to open the PDF. 

A categorised and extremely informative timeline from Tom. He has shown attention to detail and picked out the key events of the war from his perspective. 

Click on the link to open the PDF. 

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