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You can find out a little bit about me below. I have highlighted my educational background as well as the areas that I specialise in. I have over fifteen years experience of teaching history and have strived to ensure that it has been taught effectively and in an engaging manner since I started!

Nicholas Rudd
IGCSE / A Level
History Specialist



I have taught in the British and Canadian educational systems for almost 16 years. As a teacher with an M.Ed focusing on engaging students, I know how important it is for students to approach the subject in an individual manner. Through an experiential style of teaching, I have helped multiple students achieve International Examination Awards at both IGCSE and A-Level. 


My areas of specialism mainly focus on events during the 20th Century including the First and Second World Wars, The Cold War (including wars in Asia), Britain during wartime, Nazi Germany, the rise of Communism in Russia and the subsequent rise of the Soviet Union. 

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